Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Less or more. Are businesses seeking opportunities in your backyard?

The recession is hurting. That much we know. There are businesses going out of work and unemployment is rising.

So some businesses are in survival mode, hoping to be around in two years time...and maybe their competition won't be.

So does this mean that when opportunities come along there is less competition or more? I think more. Some businesses are doing well. not just surviving, but thriving. What are they doing that you can't do?

Many of them are willing to change their business model, finding new ways of working and new markets. They are responding and being pro-active...and being efficient at the same time.

Instead of going into survival mode...which doesn't breed confidence in your customers, what can you do that's cheap, innovative and new. Like those new entrants that you find yourself pitching against - where can you find a new market to start submitting your proposals?

Your strategy needs to be to highlight your strengths in your existing market, as an established business, whilst selling a different message of freshness in new markets. It's not an easy balancing act, but it's why every proposal needs to establish it's win themes and be carefully customised to every individual opportunity.