Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to kill yourself before you have begun

A new can give you huge marketing leverage...under $125.

OK - we've all seen advertisements like this online or in our inbox. And sometimes we've bought that software or service. There are some tools I've bought that I find pretty useful, others that well, let's say didn't live up to my expectations.

But to get you to buy the product you need a compelling sales message, one that instils confidence and trust in the client. So would you trust the software code based on this manufacturers message on their website? And do you believe them based upon what they write?

This could possibly be a good product, but how many people are going to risk it and find out based upon something so simple to get right as spelling and grammar. A few typos I think we all forgive, but this makes me wonder whether to laugh or cry. I mean "cum on, call me" makes me think that a different product is being offered entirely.

No bull,, no crap--(sic) I think this is the worst marketing message I have ever seen.

This is an extreme case of spelling getting in the way of the message. Don't ever let it get in the way of yours. Most of these errors would be picked up by spell check and the rest should be caught by a quick proofread. It's a reminder to us all to allow time to check the simple things.

Is quality review built in to your sales and proposal development process? Or is it something that gets done if you have time?

Do you plan time for a dedicated proof-reader when you have completed your proposals?

Do you have a style guide for them to follow?

Have you ever had a spelling error highlighted by a client? At best it's embarrassing. At worst it's lost you business.