Thursday, January 22, 2009

Checking it's there

I recently opened up a document in GMail. It opened up in Google Docs and was saved there. Very thoughtfully, Google sent me an email to let me know that it had been saved. However the email programme (GMail) thought that the sender Google Docs was sending spam, so I didn't read it in my inbox.

Apart from being ironic that Gmail thinks GDocs sends spam, I wondered about the number of times that we assume that because something has been sent it has been received as expected. I don't think GDocs expected GMail to spam it's email - it was sent with good intentions, but was it received properly.

How many of us trust the delivery of our proposals that we have spent, days, weeks or months working on to the local courier? Do we always check that it has been received by the person it was addressed to?

Maybe we do with the important stuff, but sometimes the less important stuff might pass by...and who knows where GMail is putting your messages.